Hafan Cymru support people who find themselves in situations that mean they can’t or don’t know how to live safely.

We help them find their feet, reach goals, and find independence. Sometimes it’s about sharing a new approach. Sometimes it’s by finding somewhere safe to live. Sometimes it’s through a range of services we develop and tailor to each individual situation. Hafan Cymru have been doing this for over thirty years: helping men, women and families to build the confidence to make the changes they need to, so that they can lead the positive life everyone has a right to hope for.

Live Fear Free Helpline

Live Fear Free can provide help and advice to:

  • anyone experiencing domestic abuse
  • anyone who knows someone who needs help, for example, a friend, family member or colleague
  • practitioners seeking professional advice.

All conversations with Live Fear Free are confidential and are taken by staff that are highly experienced and fully trained.

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