Hafan Cymru open the Young Peoples Project in Colwyn Bay!

Today Hafan Cymru are opening a Young Peoples Project in Colwyn Bay!

The Young Peoples Project will provide accommodation and support to young people in Conwy County. The support is individual tailored around the young person’s needs.

For the accommodation, we have converted an unused property, already owned by Hafan Cymru, into a five bed shared accommodation, designed to suit the needs of young people in Conwy County. This property will provide accommodation for 5 young people age 16 – 24 years and each will have a bedroom/lounge studio and their own en-suite facilities, there will be communal spaces for lounging, laundry, cooking, tenant participation and an office/sleep-in room for staff.

We plan to reduce barriers for young people by putting affordable housing rents (LHA) on the property so that any young person who is working/education or is aspiring to work/full time education can still manage the rental payments. We believe this is one of the first housing projects of this type for young people and a unique opportunity for Conwy.



Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions we are unable to have a launch event for the project. If you have any questions, contact us:
01267 225555