Swansea Takes On Period Poverty

Period products for ALL who needs them!

The STOPP Campaign have lots of lovely sanitary products for anyone who may need them, no questions asked! Including cups, reusable products, washable pads, and plastic free pads and tampons!

STOPP are campaigning to #EndPeriodPoverty and bring #PeriodDignity to all in Swansea. They are a charity that distributes free period products across Swansea, in the hope for a period positive city. Their basic message is to help anyone who needs them, whatever the circumstance or situation!

There is no eligibility criteria for the products, you can either send STOPP a message (via any social media platform, shown below) to enquire or pop by to any of the donation stations across Swansea where anyone is able to take or donate a product as they so wish. This is a great opportunity for those who are unable to afford or access menstrual products.

Give STOPP a follow on social media to follow their journey and keep up to date on upcoming events and opportunities to support this amazing cause:
Twitter – @SwansPeriodPov
Facebook – @StoppCampaign
Instagram – @stoppcampaign