Hafan Cymru sign This Is Housing Pledge

Hafan Cymru are delighted to have signed the This Is Housing Pledge because we believe a career in housing and housing support is extremely rewarding and makes a big difference to many people’s lives.

What is This is Housing?

Over 11,000 people work for housing associations in Wales, with more than 4,000 employed on a part-time basis. There are over 200 different jobs in the sector, and lots of benefits to working for HAs including great flexible working, training and annual leave packages.

Despite this, it’s become a common thing to say that you ‘fell into housing’, and it’s not often seen as a career choice for school or university leavers. This is Housing is seen as a way of showcasing the sector to a wide range of audiences.

That’s where This is Housing comes in.

The campaign and website were launched in September 2019. This sector wide initiative offers a platform to tell the story about what it’s like to work in the sector, and the breadth of roles available. It features real life people, board members and tenants who work / live in housing.

The website acts as a free tool to support recruitment into the sector, and demonstrates what housing is really like. Celebrating the people who work in the various roles across the sector, from comms to finance, and construction to HR, and the part they play and the difference they make, providing good quality, affordable and safe homes where people want to live.

The website also includes resources for HR professionals, with guides on how to improve diversity and inclusion, resources for using social media to recruit, and marketing materials for careers events.

Visit the This is Housing site by clicking the link below: