Spectrum Team Welcomes the New School Year

Welcome September 2022, the start of another academic year. This September is another milestone for Education in Wales, with the introduction of the new curriculum. The old curriculum started in 1988, a time before online shopping and Google. It’s time to move with our constantly changing world.

The new curriculum gives all children and young people in Wales access to developmentally appropriate lessons on healthy relationships, keeping safe, and being confident to raise issues with responsible adults. The Spectrum Project has been a specialist on this for over 15 years, adapting our sessions and resources to changing laws and environments. We will continue to support governors, teachers, parents, and pupils on VAWDASV subjects in a school setting.

The summer holidays also gave us a chance to have a day of fun together!  We  enjoyed a fantastic team-building day, at Y Sied, in Nantgaredig, with the talented author and S4C TV cook, Lisa Fearn. We  learned some handy baking tips, from making quiches, lemon drizzle and chocolate cakes, brownies, salads and a greek pie call Spanakopita, to learning how to bake bread and create a grazing board – with plenty of opportunities for tasting, of course! 

Being based across Wales, it was lovely for everyone to spend time together.

We cannot wait to get back into schools to start delivering sessions and have that interaction with children and young people again.