Spectrum Project

Through the Spectrum project, Hafan Cymru is working to break the cycle of domestic abuse.

The project aims to promote healthy lifestyles and healthy relationships, especially for young people, to help prevent abusive environments from developing. It also helps people to identify abusive situations and provide or access the relevant support.

We are part of the Welsh Government’s drive to tackle violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence (VAWDASV) and deliver sessions in schools on VAWDASV topics, focusing on healthy relationships.

Spectrum Project delivers classroom sessions for pupils aged 3-16.

  • Help schools to implement and embed a whole school approach to tackling VAWDASV
  • Enable children, young people and the school community to recognise and avoid abusive relationships
  • Improve the school’s ability to manage situations post-identification
  • Improve the school’s ability to identify and support at-risk pupils.

This is important training that everyone who works in schools or with families should have.

For free resources for schools or more information visit https://spectrumproject.co.uk