All Wales Safeguarding

Full-day or half-day updates training

This comprehensive full-day course is based on the Social Care Framework developed by Social Care Wales titled ‘Induction to Safeguarding’. This course provides a standardised approach to Safeguarding Adults and Children awareness training and includes the new All Wales Safeguarding procedures.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know your own role in relation to safeguarding adults and children and young people from harm, abuse and neglect 
  • Understand how individuals are protected from harm, abuse and neglect
  • Know how to recognise different types of harm, abuse and neglect
  • Know the recent changes to safeguarding as a result of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.

All of the content was really useful. I have a knowledge due to other training and professional experience, but this refreshed everything and introduced more that I wasn’t already aware of. I’ll be using the app from now on. Will feed back to the team. Thank you.