Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (CAPVA)

Half-day course

Child and adolescent to parent violence and abuse (CAPVA) is the most hidden, misunderstood and stigmatised form of family violence. It’s a pattern of aggressive, abusive and violent acts carried out over a prolonged period of time by children, to their parents.

Front line practitioners report that while CAPVA continues to be underreported, it is rapidly being recognised as a widespread form of domestic abuse impacting families. 

Course aims

  • Give an overview of CAPVA
  • Equip delegates to recognise the signs and symptoms of CAPVA
  • Explore definitions, acronyms and myth busting
  • Consider the impact on young people and adults
  • Explore the wider risk factors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand prevalence of CAPVA
  • Recognise the emotions and behaviours around CAPVA
  • Understand the impact
  • Identify links to other forms of abuse 
  • Understand reporting and disclosure issues
  • Know where to find resources and support.

“In the course of my work I do come into contact with issues of child/adolescent to adult abuse. It is very helpful to have this learning. As a service we are aware of this growing need for support so will be setting up a working group to hopefully move forward in this area.”