Domestic Abuse in the Workplace

Half-day course

Course Aims

  • Explore coercive control and its role in abuse
  • Explore the legislation in implementing workplace policy
  • Enable delegates to recognise signs and symptoms of abuse in the workplace
  • Develop their confidence in raising concerns and knowing how to signpost for support.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the coercive nature of domestic abuse
  • Understand the legislative background to workplace policies
  • Identify the indicators of abuse
  • Understand your role in relation to workplace policy
  • Be able to confidently approach and raise the issue with employees
  • Be able to signpost to appropriate support agencies.

Presentation was good clear and straight to the point. Sometimes you don’t see the indicators when they are in front of you. This was a course that I really enjoyed. Timescale was spot on. Thank you.

Monmouthshire Homes