Honour Based Abuse

Half-day course

*Option for NTF accreditation via Agored Cymru

Course Aims

  • Provide an understanding of honour-based abuse (HBA)
  • Give information on legislation and policy for HBA
  • Provide an understanding of how risk is assessed and managed when HBA is disclosed or suspected
  • Provide information on the forensic processes following a disclosure
  • Explore the ethical framework used when HBA is disclosed or suspected
  • Know how to access support for those affected by HBA.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the term “honour-based abuse”
  • Understand the legislation and policy for HBA
  • Understand how to assess and manage risk
  • Be confident in understanding the processes following disclosure or suspected case in line with the ethical framework
  • Understand and be able to access available support.

“Now I have been shown examples of how HBA can be hidden and can escalate very quickly putting the vulnerable person at high risk if interception isn’t put into place quickly.”