Suicide Awareness

Half-day course

Across the world, a person dies by suicide every 40 seconds, which means that 800,000 people a year are dying by suicide.

What prompts a person to take his or her life?  No one really knows – experts never get to talk to people who have died by suicide. They can only talk to those who are contemplating suicide or who survive it.  By definition, that is a different group.

Suicide is the result of the interaction between many different factors and shouldn’t be attributed to one single cause. The complexity of suicide means prevention requires the involvement of many different sectors, agencies and services. 

Course aims

  • Examine common thinking and myths around suicide
  • Build understanding of the risk factors for suicide
  • Equip delegates to recognise the signs of suicide intention in someone. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the risk factors for suicide
  • Understand the myths surrounding suicide
  • Recognise signs of suicide intention
  • Understand suicide prevention strategies and how to use them.  

“Great people and course delivery. Thank you. I found this training really useful. I will use this training when working with and supporting vulnerable people.”